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 Line Hardware Products
Overhead Hardware Steel Products
Ball Hook, Short Shank, 70KN
Ball Clevis, 70KN
Ball Clevis, 160KN
Ball Clevis Extension Link, 160KN
Ball Socket, 160KN, R clip
Clevis Thimble, 70KN
Clevis Tongue, 70 to 120KN
PG Clamp
Socket Thimble, 70KN, W clip
Socket Tongue, 70KN, W clip
Socket Clevis, 120KN, R clip
Socket Clevis, 160KN, R clip
Socket Clevis, 210KN, R clip
Socket Clevis Extension Link, 160KN, R clip
Thimble Eye Nut-M24, 144KN
Thimble Eye Nut-1”, 144KN
Twisted Clevis Tongue, 160KN
Twisted Socket Tongue, 70KN, W Clip
Twisted Socket Tongue, 120KN, R Clip
Twisted Socket Tongue, 160KN, R Clip
Twisted Socket Tongue, 210KN, R Clip
All M16 sizes
All M20 sizes
All M24 sizes
Pole Steps
Screw In Pole Step for Timber Poles
Screw In Pole Step for Concrete Poles

Alloy Parts
M5 Clamp
Service Connectors

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