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Quality Assurance                         
Batch Testing
· Every batch of castings is tested by our engineer prior to shipping from China. If there is any problem the shipment is scrapped at source.
· We have a documented testing procedure for every product we make
· Test reports along with the tested samples are sent with each shipment.
· As batch numbers are cast on, no manipulation of tests is possible.
· When we receive a shipment we check the test reports with the tested samples to ensure that all tests have been performed as reported.
· We randomly test parts locally to cross check in case of any doubt.
Type Testing and Design
For every new product or any design improvement, we pilot test a minimum of 6 samples in our own laboratory and 3 samples at a NATA approved laboratory in Melbourne.

· Every part has a documented inspection system that the inspectors in china are trained to follow along with reference samples of the part showing what is acceptable and what is not.
· We check every part again in Melbourne for visual defects and GO/NO GO gauges where needed..
· Any non-conforming parts are scrapped here in Melbourne.
  • We send a detailed report on the issues faced for each shipment and we document how many parts were faulty and what the reasons were.
· We send samples of any new defect in a part back to china so that the foundry can understand the problem and solve the problem.
· We send information on how to solve the problems as we are casting experts.
· This constant loop of inspection feedback and improvement enables us to supply quality castings.
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