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Screw Anchors and Screw Anchor Rods

Standard Heavy Duty Internal Drive Anchors (Socket Type)
Sizes   : 200mm to 450mm x 90mm pitch.
Rating  : 10,000 ft.lbs torque, 160KN on the thread.
Special Features
  •  Our anchors have been designed to perform using high grade 16Mn steel.
  •  The socket is made from an accurate extruded tube. The socket is checked with GO and NOGO gauges to ensure good fit in the drive head.
  •  The tip-spigot section is forged steel. This has a square section that locks into the extruded tube and prevents load transfer to the weld. The OD of the spigot    is machined for perfect fit in the drive head.
  •  The helix is made from high grade steel for reliable welding and strength.
  •  The thread is checked on each anchor with GO and NO GO gauges to ensure correct fit and strength.
  •  Each anchor has a screw on plastic cap to protect the thread from rusting.
  •  Our helixes are oversize to provide adequate pull out strength for each size compared to the other brands.
External Drive Anchors
Threaded Rods
We manufacture a range of threaded rods for various applications. Our rods are made from high grade 1045 steel and hot dip galvanized to exacting standards. Threads are gauged for size by our inspectors to ensure accurate threads to prevent stripping.
Screw Anchor Rods
We offer rods with forged nuts as well as cheaper rods with loose nuts.

Anchor Rods for Buried Logs
Forged Eye anchor rod, M20x20mmx2400mm with 2 nuts and a square washer.
Anchor Rod with Thimble Eye Nut end, M24x24mmx2400mm with 2 nuts and a square washer.
The M24 rods can also be offered with double thimble eye nuts.
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